CMD Driver BPS-04 Jobs

Job Description:

Applications are invited for a number of vacancies available at Ammunition Depot Niaz Beg Lahore. Applicant who meet following eligibility criteria laid down against each job/category forward their application in the name of Chief Ordnance Officer Ammunition Depot Niaz Beg Lahore.

Primary. Must be in possession of valid driving • license. • Trade ability and diploma holder or qualified from renowned technical institute (desirable) Preference. Matric or higher. Must be in possession of valid HTV License • 1 year driving repair maintenance experience • Must Pass Departmental Entrance Examination • Proficiency in operational MHES.

Job ad:


CMD Driver BPS-04 jobs - 1


Job Detail:

Company: Ammunition Depot


Expiry Date: 2020-11-1 11:59 PM

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Ammunition Depot,Lahore,Punjab,55210

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